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Jane Jacobs and the nature of (practice and research) work in public.

Douglas, Anne; Fremantle, Chris


Anne Douglas

Chris Fremantle


Jacobs argues that economies follow the same rules as ecological systems. They behave in the same way as systems in nature: as dynamic systems of interdependency. The core of Jacobs' argument is energy, whether it is manifest in ecological systems or in economic systems. Our contention is that Jacobs' argument applies to cultural systems (and we take it that the arts, both practice and research, are aspects of cultural systems). In this paper we are seeking to revisit Jacob's framework and think about the extent to which her observations might also form a methodology. Our hunch is that Jacobs' careful unpacking of ecology as a construct might be useful for artists and researchers to grasping the relationship between method, artistic creativity and art research.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date Dec 14, 2009
Publication Date Dec 15, 2009
Institution Citation DOUGLAS, A. and FREMANTLE, C. 2009. Jane Jacobs and the nature of (practice and research) work in public. Presented at Public and participative art: performance in everyday life, 14-15 December 2009, Helsinki, Finland.
Keywords Public art; Scotland; Research; Artist as leader


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