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An integrated Delphi-FAHP-PROMETHEE for the thermal renovation of masonry buildings in Algeria.

Seddiki, Mohammed; Anouche, Karima; Bennadji, Amar


Mohammed Seddiki

Karima Anouche


Rogério Amoêda

Sérgio Lira

Cristina Pinheiro


In Algeria, the residential and tertiary sectors are the ones with the highest energy consumption making use of 34% of the total energy. The government has launched a thermal renovation program for existing buildings to reduce the energy consumption. The existing stock has 1.050.000 of masonry dwelling built before 1945. Masonry buildings represent a cultural heritage. Thermal renovation of masonry buildings in Algeria requires a comprehensive approach as it simultaneously involves a multitude of decision makers that can express a multitude of criteria. This paper presents an integrated method that combines the structured group interaction method Delphi, the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FHAP), and the Preference Ranking Organization Methods for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) for the thermal renovation of masonry buildings with a heritage value. The aim of the proposed method is to rank the thermal renovation solutions using a fuzzy multi-criteria and multi-decision makers approach. A case study using the proposed method to obtain a full ranking of thermal renovation options is detailed in the paper.

Start Date Jul 12, 2016
Publication Date Jul 7, 2016
Publisher Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development
Pages 171-180
ISBN 9789898734136
Institution Citation SEDDIKI, M., ANOUCHE, K. and BENNADJI, A. 2016. An integrated Delphi-FAHP-PROMETHEE for the thermal renovation of masonry buildings in Algeria. In Amoêda, R., Lira, S. and Pinheiro, C. (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th International conference on heritage and sustainable development (Heritage 2016), 12-15 July 2016, Lisbon, Portugal. Barcelos: Green Lines Institute, pages 171-180.
Keywords Energy consumption; Thermal renovation; Masonry; Delphi; Algeria
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