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Your thought will find the contours.

Douglas, Anne; Ravetz, Amanda


Anne Douglas

Amanda Ravetz


Our aim in this presentation is to report on research we have been doing around drawing and filming. As associates of Knowing from Inside, we are interested in discovering in what sense drawing and filming can be considered experiential ways of 'knowing from inside'. As with the sewing and framing (the seminar theme), drawing and filming have sometimes been opposed to one another - if to draw is to join, then to film, by its characteristic framing action, is to separate, to un-join.But they can also be seen as resting on a dialectic between two contrary movements of joining/separating.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date Jul 2, 2014
Publication Date Jul 3, 2014
Institution Citation DOUGLAS, A. and RAVETZ, A. 2014. Your thought will find the contours. Presented at Sewing lines, growing surfaces, breathing atmospheres: towards an ontogeny of things workshop, 2-3 July 2014, Weimar, Germany.
Keywords Research; Knowing from inside; Drawing; Filming; Sewing


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