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Introduction to contemporary art in BiH.

Blackwood, Jonathan


Jonathan Blackwood


This will be the first ever book on contemporary art in Bosnia & Herzegovina, in any language. The book derives from a period of three years of research and participatory observation around the differing art activities in BiH. In a challenging contextual essay, the key drivers of contemporary art in the country are considered. The main themes discussed are the legacy of the 1992-95 war, the collapse of infrastructure, informality, futavizam, art activism and politics, art and the environment, Yugoslavism, and diaspora. In addition to fleshing out these broader themes, the book will consider key works of contemporary art in grater detail, in order to open out the complex interplay of these themes in individual works. Lavishly illustrated, the book will provide a key starting point both for the general and the academic reader, and will stand as a guide to BiH art for many years to come.

Book Type Monograph
Publication Date Aug 1, 2015
Publisher Duplex100m2
ISBN 9789926804107
Institution Citation BLACKWOOD, J. 2015. Introduction to contemporary art in BiH. Sarajevo: Duplex100m2
Keywords Bosnia; Herzegovina; Contemporary art; Politics; Yugoslaviasm


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