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The Scottish suffragettes and the press.

Pedersen, Sarah



This work approaches the Scottish women's suffrage campaign from the point of view of the popular press. It investigates how the press engaged with the women's suffrage movement; how suffragettes were portrayed in newspapers; and how different groups attempted to use the press to get their message into the public sphere. Scottish suffrage campaigners acknowledged the need for press coverage from the start of the campaign in the 1870s, but the arrival of the militant suffragettes completely transformed newspaper coverage. The Scottish newspapers were particularly interested in suffragette activities during local by-elections and their hounding of local anti-suffrage MPs such as Herbert Asquith. The book also investigates the impact of the First World War on the movement. The file for this record represents only a sample chapter from the whole work, which is available for purchase from the publisher.

Book Type Monograph
Publication Date Dec 31, 2017
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan (part of Springer Nature)
Series Title Palgrave studies in the history of the media
ISBN 9781137538338
Institution Citation PEDERSEN, S. 2017. The Scottish suffragettes and the press. London: Palgrave Macmillan [online]. Available from:
Keywords Suffragettes; Women's suffrage; Press representations of women; Women in mass media
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