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Gender barriers in the Scottish creative industries.

Marcella, Rita; Illingworth, Lorraine; Baxter, Graeme


Rita Marcella

Lorraine Illingworth

Graeme Baxter


This paper presented the key results of two research projects, funded by the European Social Fund, which explored the gender policies and flexible working opportunities in the Scottish creative industries. The first project, 'Women in the Scottish Media and Communication Industries', explored the extent to which gender equality policies had been put in place by companies in the Scottish media and communication industries, and whether gender issues had been, or continued to be, encountered by those working in the sector. The second project, 'Women in the Scottish Creative Industries', explored equality policy and practice in companies in the Scottish creative sector, from the perspective of both employers and employees, and identified examples of good practice that might be adopted throughout the creative sector.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date Feb 13, 2006
Publication Date Feb 13, 2006
Institution Citation MARCELLA, R., ILLINGWORTH, L. and BAXTER, G. 2006. Gender barriers in the Scottish creative industries. Presented at a seminar of the University of Glasgow's Centre for Cultural Policy Research, 13 February 2006, Glasgow, UK.
Keywords Women; Scotland; Media and communication industries; Creative sector; Gender issues


MARCELLA 2006 Gender barriers in Scottish creative industries (SLIDES) (839 Kb)

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