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Robotic simulation of textile as concrete reinforcement and formwork.

Lu, Xiao; Dounas, Theodoros; Spaeth, Benjamin; Bissoonauth, Chitraj; Galobardes, Isaac


Xiao Lu

Theodoros Dounas

Benjamin Spaeth

Chitraj Bissoonauth

Isaac Galobardes


P. Janssen

P. Loh

A. Raonic

M.A. Schnabel


New possibilities of concrete constructions in architecture, the traditional formwork can be gradually replaced by the use of flexible textile. At the same time textile reinforcement combined with fabric formwork, introduces an innovative integrated solution in the fabrication of concrete. Based on a simple understanding of the textile weaving and knitting techniques, this project concentrates on the architectural production and the structural optimization of the textile as both concrete reinforcement and formwork. Furthermore, we present a robotic simulation of the process that develops using a series of computational experiments to research the sequence of weaving and/or knitting. Through the computational process and the design simulations, the research is firmly rooted in analog and digital exploration of material and its implementation in architecture, with particular emphasis on the convergence of robotics and computation. Note that the paper deals mainly with the software and weaving simulation as part of a larger research project, without dealing with the production of physical artefacts.

Start Date Apr 5, 2017
Publication Date Apr 8, 2017
Publisher CumInCAD
Pages 863-872
ISBN 9789881902689
Institution Citation LU, X., DOUNAS, T., SPAETH, B., BISSOONAUTH, C. and GALOBARDES, I. 2017. Robotic simulation of textile as concrete reinforcement and formwork. In Janssen, P., Loh, P., Raonic, A. and Schnabel, M.A. (eds.) Proceedings of the 22nd International conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2017): protocols, flows and glitches, 5-8 April 2017, Suzhou, China. Hong Kong: CumInCAD [online], pages 863-872. Available from http://papers.cumincad....s/paper/caadria2017_104
Keywords Robotic weaving; Textile reinforcement; Parametric design; Lightweight structure; Textile reinforced concrete
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