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Building information modelling: a tool for diffusion of information in Nigeria.

Hamma-Adama, Mansur; Galadima, Yukubu Kasimu; Kouider, Tahar


Mansur Hamma-Adama

Yukubu Kasimu Galadima

Tahar Kouider


Building information modelling (BIM) technology has now reached maturity level in several countries around the world. The construction industry internationally is realising potential benefits of using collaborative process in construction, and the increasing return on investment; and the potential benefits of integrating the industry is not fully realized in Nigeria. A quantitative approach was adopted to x-ray the Nigerian construction industry; a structured questionnaire was used across the AEC to evaluate BIM awareness and adoption in Nigeria through the line of enquiry known as the 'diffusion of innovations'. The result revealed that 59.5% are aware of BIM technology; 22.8% are aware and currently using BIM and the remaining 17.7% neither aware nor using BIM; consequently, the industry was evaluated just within the Late Majority in terms of awareness and just entered the Early Majority in terms of BIM technology adoption. The country's adoption pattern was compared with three other countries where BIM is at advance stage; consequently, Nigeria is at least five years behind US, UK and South Africa. The industry is likely to take the UK pattern to adopting the BIM.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date Apr 10, 2018
Publication Date Apr 30, 2018
Institution Citation HAMMA-ADAMA, M., GALADIMA, Y.K. and KOUIDER, T. 2018. Building information modelling: a tool for diffusion of information in Nigeria. Presented at the 2018 Conference of the School of Environmental Technology (SETIC 2018): contemporary issues and sustainable practices in the built environment, 10-12 April 2018, Minna, Nigeria.
Keywords Adoption; BIM; Collaboration; Diffusion of innovations; Integration


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