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Censoring contemporary art in Macedonia.


In this essay, we will consider how censorship affects discourses of contemporary art in the Republic of Macedonia. To do so, we must first outline the cultural, political and social contexts in Macedonia; consider some differing standpoints on what constitutes contemporary art practice in the country; and, having done so, develop in detail two case studies which will allow the reader to gain an understanding of how censorship is deployed as a tactic in erasing, or in rendering illegitimate, critical contemporary art. Although, as we shall see, contemporary art occupies a marginal and, arguably, subterranean position in Macedonia, such censorial interventions are an acknowledgement of its potential to shape cultural debate in a different way.

Publication Date Oct 30, 2018
Publisher I.B. Tauris
Book Title Censoring art: silencing the artwork
Chapter Number Chapter 8
ISBN 9781788313834
Institution Citation BLACKWOOD, J. 2018. Censoring contemporary art in Macedonia. In Kennedy, R. and Coulter, R. (eds.) Censorship art: silencing the artwork. London: IB Tauris [online], chapter 8. Available from: https://www.bloomsbury....ring-art-9781788313834/
Keywords Censorship; Macedonia; Contemporary art
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