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A step toward reusable model fragments.

Ahriz, H.; Tomasena, M.


H. Ahriz

M. Tomasena


In this paper we describe a system to elaborate models which are suitable for model based reasoning. A set of model fragments selected from a library will be put together to build a model candidate. The system relies on the bond graph notation, which allows a uniform approach for the different physical domains and offers a compositional view of the system. Modeling requires the exploration of a search space of potential model candidates. These models are checked to be consistent with a set of behavior constraints and modeling hypotheses provided by the user.

Start Date Jul 9, 2001
Publication Date Dec 31, 2001
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pages 559-566
ISBN 0858898470
Institution Citation AHRIZ, H. and TOMASENA, M. 2001. A step toward reusable model fragments. In Proceedings of the 2001 International conference on computational intelligence for modeling control and automation (CIMCA 2001), 9-11 July 2001, Las Vegas, USA. New York: IEEE, pages 559-566.
Keywords Model based reasoning


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