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A methodology for the elicitation of redesign knowledge.

Ahriz, Hatem; Arana, Inés


Hatem Ahriz

Inés Arana


E. Damiani

R.J. Howlett

L.C. Jain

N. Ichalkaranje


We present MADAM, a methodology which allows the elicitation, capture, analysis and management of redesign knowledge. This area is characterised by the high reusability of problem solutions and is represented using three views: physical, functional and process. The methodology supports the analysis of the knowledge elicited and, therefore, the inconsistencies are detected. In addition, the knowledge is normalised so unnecessary (subsumed) parts and technical solutions can be removed with the aid of the expert. MADAM thus contributes towards better and faster redesign.

Start Date Sep 16, 2002
Publication Date Dec 31, 2002
Publisher IOS Press
Series Title Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications
Series Number 82
ISBN 9781586032807
Institution Citation AHRIZ, H. and ARANA, I. 2002. A methodology for the elicitation of redesign knowledge. In Damiani, E., Howlett, R.J., Jain, L.C. and Ichalkaranje, N. (eds.) Knowledge-based intelligent information engineering systems and allied technologies: proceedings of the 6th International conference on knowledge-based intelligent information and engineering systems (KES 2002), 16-18 September 2002, Crema, Italy. Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications, 82. Amsterdam: IOS Press.
Keywords Redesign knowledge


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