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Perspectives on the student transition into CS1.

Siegel, Angela A.; Zarb, Mark; Glassey, Richard; Hughes, Janet


Angela A. Siegel

Mark Zarb

Richard Glassey

Janet Hughes


As students transition into higher education, their experience can be quite new and foreign to them. This experience, while an individual one, consists of many concerns that are shared amongst these transitioning students. Partly as a result of these concerns, retention rates of first year Computer Science students suffer. Members of this panel have been involved in multi-year studies across Scotland as well as an international study looking at the student experience as they transition into undergraduate Computer Science. This panel hopes to discuss the transition into CS1 and implications for Computer Science retention rates from varied international perspectives as well as through the lens of online learning. It further hopes to discuss new ways that we might be able to better support first year CS student retention in light of collected transition data, as well as the current state of any implemented recommendations in previous work.

Start Date Jul 15, 2019
Publication Date Jul 2, 2019
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery
Pages 168-169
ISBN 9781450368957
Institution Citation SIEGEL, A.A., ZARB, M., GLASSEY, R. and HUGHES, J. 2019. Perspectives on the student transition into CS1. In Proceedings of the 24th Innovation and technology in computer science education annual conference 2019 (ITiCSE 2019), 15-17 July 2019, Aberdeen, UK. New York: ACM Press [online], pages 168-169. Available from:
Keywords Concerns; Transition; CS1; Applicants; Retention; Higher education


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