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The open air electrical-field activated sintering and forming of micro components.

Zulkipli, Muhammad; Qin, Yi; Yang, Yi; Shaari, Muhammad Farid; Ayub, Ahmad Syahrir; Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus


Muhammad Zulkipli

Yi Qin

Yi Yang

Muhammad Farid Shaari

Ahmad Syahrir Ayub

Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki


Tuan Noor Hasanah Binti Tuan Ismail

Azrin Hani Abdul Rashid

Mohd Nazrul Roslan

Nur Hanis Hayati Hairom

Faridah Hanim Mohd Noh

Tengku Nur Azila Raja Mamat

Suraya Hani Adnan


As the demand for the miniature products has increased significantly, so also has the need for these products to be produced in a rapid, flexible and cost-efficient manner. The application of electroplasticity shows significant potential to produce the components by using powder materials. Nevertheless, previous research has shown that there are still significant challenges to be met in order to achieve increased relative densification of product samples and simplification of the process. The process concept in this study comprises the combination of electrical-field activated sintering and forming processes. Therefore, the aims of the research were to establish the process concept for the manufacture of micro-components by using the machine that will be fabricated which could be used more practically in the small factories, whereas the Gleeble 3800 machine is more suitable for extended experimental work and further analysis in the laboratory. The cost to purchase the Gleeble 3800 machine was more expensive compared to the proposed fabricating machine. In addition to that, to design the iterations of die sets along with other tooling for machine setup to enable the series of experiment to produce of micro-components from powder materials. A comprehensive literature review on micromanufacturing, size effects, powder metallurgy and the electroplasticity process will be conducted. This efficient process has the potential to produce components with a high relative density around 90% or higher which was a difficult task to complete with the traditional method due to the influences from the size-effect issues in the micro-forming process and will contribute to the clean environment and decrease a pollution due to no usage of green compacts and argon gas. Changes in the particles concerning deformation and breaking are crucial in the course of achieving the densification in the proposed process which differs from a conventional sintering process.


ZULKIPLI, M., QIN, Y., YANG, Y., SHAARI, M.F., AYUB, A. and MUHAMMAD-SUKKI, F. 2019. The open air electrical-field activated sintering and forming of micro components. In Ismail, T.N.H.B.T., Rashid, A.H.A., Roslan, M.N., Hairom, N.H.H., Noh, F.H.M., Mamat, T.N.A.R. and Adnan, S.H. (eds.) Advanced technology centre: research and innovation. Series 2. Malaysia: UHTM, pages 133-148.

Acceptance Date Aug 29, 2019
Publication Date Dec 31, 2019
Deposit Date Oct 28, 2019
Publicly Available Date Oct 28, 2019
Publisher UTHM: Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Series Number 2
Book Title Advanced technology centre: research and innovation
Chapter Number Chapter 8
ISBN 9789672306504
Keywords Miniaturized products; Electroplasticity; Powder materials; Electric-field activated sintering; Micro-components
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