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Development of an outcome measure to assess performance of physiotherapy cardiorespiratory skills: A Delphi Study

Roberts, Fiona


Fiona Roberts


Current evidence regarding high-fidelity simulation (HFS) in physiotherapy education focuses on student perceptions producing very positive responses from students. HFS has the potential to improve skill performance and consequently better prepare students for gaining the best learning from clinical placement, but it is an expensive teaching method. Before the impact of HFS can be investigated, a valid and reliable tool to assess skill performance is required. The purpose of this study is to develop such a tool in order to assess student competency in core cardiorespiratory skills. The study implemented a Delphi method - a method of gaining convergence of opinion. Using pre-defined criteria, cardiorespiratory experts were identified and invited to participate. They were sent a questionnaire that used open questions in order to identify participants' expectations of students, in relation to core respiratory physiotherapy assessment and treatment techniques. Data from the first questionnaire ('round one') were analysed and used to generate the questionnaire for round two, in which participants were asked to indicate their level of agreement with various statements using Likert scales. The second round focused on: explanations about techniques to patients; instructions given prior to- and during techniques; hand positions used; positioning of patients, and; safety considerations. Round three will further clarify outstanding aspects, prior to the development of a draft outcome measure - this will then be circulated for comment in round four. The study will use the content validity index to calculate levels of agreement with statements in round four. In terms of results so far, there was a 31% (6/13) response rate for round one, representing Australia, Canada and the UK. Sixteen further panelists were identified for round two, following a search of staff lists and biographies from universities in all three countries. The response rate for round two was 51% (15/29), and round three is currently underway. The conference presentation will summarise conclusions from the study alongside presenting the outcome measure, ready for testing to establish its reliability and validity.


ROBERTS, F. 2019. Development of an outcome measure to assess performance of physiotherapy cardiorespiratory skills: a Delphi study. Presented at the 8th international clinical skills conference, 19-22 May 2019, Prato, Italy.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Conference Name 8th international clinical skills conference
Conference Location Prato, Italy
Start Date May 19, 2019
End Date May 22, 2019
Deposit Date Feb 11, 2020
Publicly Available Date Aug 27, 2020
Keywords Physiotherapy students; Cardiorespiratory skills; High-fidelity simulation; Skills assessment; Competency assessment
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