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A novel practical state of charge estimation method: an adaptive improved ampere‐hour method based on composite correction factor.

Xin, Xiong; Wang, Shun‐Li; Fernandez, Carlos; Yu, Chun‐Mei; Zou, Chuan‐Yun; Cong, Jiang


Xiong Xin

Shun‐Li Wang

Carlos Fernandez

Chun‐Mei Yu

Chuan‐Yun Zou

Jiang Cong


The research of real-time state of charge estimation method for lithium-ion battery is developing towards the trend of model diversification and algorithm complexity. However, due to the limitation of computing ability in the actual battery management system, the traditional ampere-hour method is still widely used. Firstly, temperature, charge-discharge current and battery aging are considered as the main factors that affecting the estimation accuracy of ampere-hour method under the condition that detection accuracy of the current sensor is determined. Secondly, the relationship between the state of charge and battery open-circuit voltage at different temperatures is analyzed, which is used to modify the initial state of charge. Thirdly, the influence mechanism of main factors on the effect of ampere-hour method is analyzed, and proposes a capacity composite correction factor to reflect the influence of charge-discharge efficiency, coulomb efficiency and battery aging comprehensively, and then update its value in real-time. Lastly, the adaptive improved ampere-hour formula and the complete state of charge estimation model is designed, and the estimation effect of this model is verified by comparing with other state of charge estimation methods in the experiment of dynamic cycle test. The results show that the estimation error of the adaptive improved method is less than 2% under two comprehensive working conditions, while the error of the traditional method is 5-10%, and compared with extended kalman filter algorithm, it also gets a better state of charge estimation performance, which proves that this method is scientific and effective.

Journal Article Type Article
Journal International journal of energy research
Print ISSN 0363-907X
Electronic ISSN 1099-114X
Publisher Wiley Open Access
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Institution Citation XIN, X., WANG, S.-L., FERNANDEZ, C., YU, C.-M., ZOU, C.-Y. and CONG, J. 2020. A novel practical state of charge estimation method: an adaptive improved ampere-hour method based on composite correction factor. International journal of energy research [online], Early View. Available from:
Keywords Lithium-ion battery; State of charge; Adaptive improved ampere-hour method; Composite correction factor