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Biography Dr Carlos Fernandez (FHEA, CChem, CSci, MRSC, MIP) is a Lecturer in Bioanalytical Chemistry at RGU (2014)

He received his PhD in Electrocatalytic Reactions from The University of Hull (UK).

He than worked as Consultant Technologist in Hull and in a post-doctoral position in Manchester developing an electrochemical sensor using Screen Printed Electrodes to detect methamphetamine, ampthetamine and ecstasy in oral fluid for the purpose of roadside testing.

In 2013 he moved in to RGU as a Research Fellow.
Research Interests Analytical Chemistry/Sensors and Materials/Renewable Energy.

Use of voltammetric techniques in analytical chemistry as an electrochemical sensor to detect the following analytes:
Antioxidants, heavy metals for environmental applications, drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical drugs.
Utilisation of nanomaterials for energy storage devices such as batteries and fuel cells.
Developing new materials to investigate the effect of corrosion.
Teaching and Learning Programme Leader for the MSc Analytical Sciences.
Contributes to the development and planning of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and short courses.
Engagement in and development of research.
Lecturing Modules: MSc Analytical Sciences: Instrumental Analytical Science, Laboratory Work, Professional Skills, Drugs Analysis and Toxicology.
BSc Hons Forensic and Analytical Science: Chromatography, Statistics, X-Ray, Electrochemistry, Quality Assurance.
Supervision of MSc and BSc projects
Scopus Author ID 57102587200