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Biography Jinchang’s expertise lies in image processing, computer vision, big data analytics and machine learning. His research focuses on extracting patterns from image, video and sensor data and applying machine learning to derive useful information for smart decision-making. Applications of his research include non-intrusive testing in condition monitoring, smart manufacturing and asset management, quality grading and assessment in food and drink, pharmaceutical, forensics and the energy sector, big data driven precision agriculture and smart cities, geoscience and remote sensing, and medical imaging. Jinchang joined the NSC from the University of Strathclyde, he is now the Transparent Ocean Lead at the NSC and acts as Director of the NSC International Academy and Hyperspectral Imaging Lab. He supports the delivery of NSC objectives in enabling a digital and smart subsea, monitoring subsea energy installations and data validation of digital twins as well as environmental sensing. Jinchang is passionate about hyperspectral imaging, computer vision and deep learning, especially in supervising junior researchers for success. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, travelling, movies and music.
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