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Dr Christopher McDermott

Biography A dynamic and professional Lecturer with 20 years sector leading academic and teaching experience in the field of Computer Science, Networking & Security. Proven to provide high quality, innovative teaching using dynamic methods and models of delivery, through which learners are motivated, engaged and challenged to realise their full potential. Remains quick to familiarise himself with the latest technologies and industry developments, demonstrating a logical and analytical approach to solving complex problems and issues. Able to communicate confidently and successfully with learners, colleagues and industry professionals, developing strong and sustainable relationships at all levels. Enjoys working collaboratively on sector leading projects and research areas with a particular interest in network security.
Research Interests Researcher in Human-Centred Security.

Chris seeks to answer questions relating to security, privacy, and anonymity at the intersection between humans and digital technology. In particular, the perception and awareness of secure and insecure behaviour. Current research interests include, but are not limited to:

Human Factors in Cybersecurity:
-Technical and psychological aspects of exploits against humans: insider threats, phishing and social engineering attacks
-Behaviour-based cybersecurity
-Cyber Situational Awareness
-Usable Security

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust:
-IoT Privacy and Security
-Botnet and DDoS Detection
-Digital footprints and user privacy
-Fake news (misinformation) and trustworthy content on social networks and the Internet
Teaching and Learning Ethical Hacking
Network Security
Network Management
Programming for System Administrators
Je-S ID 622667