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Dr Junayed Hasan

Biography Dr Md Junayed Hasan specialises in signal and image processing, computer vision, big data analytics, machine learning, and explainable AI (XAI). His research focuses on analysing feature space, pattern extraction, and multimodal information fusion from sensor data (image, vibration, and acoustic), as well as using machine learning and XAI to make smart decisions. Applications of his research include non-destructive testing in condition-based monitoring, smart built environment, big-data-driven sleep analysis, and medical imaging. In 2021, Junayed earned his doctorate in computer engineering from the University of Ulsan in the Republic of Korea. During his PhD, he was awarded the prestigious Brain Korea fellowship from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea, as well as multiple research awards for his outstanding scientific contributions. Junayed joined the NSC as a researcher, and he contributes to the accomplishment of NSC goals in digital and smart subsea, Scottish house energy systems, and smart energy-efficient built environment projects. Apart from work, he enjoys poetry, travel, and graphic design.
Research Interests > Data-driven smart solution for Condition based Monitoring of Mechanical Equipments, i.e., pipeline, windturbine, oil and gas tank, bearing, gearbox.

> Smart built enviroment assesment with Computer Vision, and AI.

> Explaianle Feature Extraction framework to build a robust Explainabale AI framework for classification/prediction.

> Biomedical Image and Signal Processing

> Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis for EEG signals, ECG signals, Acoustic signals, Vibration signals, Thermal Images, and simulated numerical data.
ResearcherID W-9565-2019
Scopus Author ID 57213529645