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Research Interests Infection prevention and control and includes:

Activity and mode of action of disinfectants and sterilants: involvement in the assessment of the activity and mode of action of a new high level disinfectants. I have been responsible for leading the microbiology aspects of randomised controlled trials (for example, the use of brushes and picks in surgical scrubbing and the efficacy of body washing). I have also conducted studies investigating the possible link between biocide use and antibiotic resistance.

Development of novel antimicrobials/ disinfectants: I have collaborated with Prof Huddersman (De Montfort University) to develop a novel antimicrobial catalyst which has been patented; and with other colleagues to test novel compounds and natural products for antibacterial activity.

Efficacy of travel hand rubs: I have worked with Prof L Goodyer to investigate the antiviral activity of commercially available travel hand rubs and develop more effective formulations.

Evaluation of test methods for antimicrobial fabrics: Collaborations with the textile research group (TEAM) in the Faculty of Art and Design, have focused on the antimicrobial efficacy of fabrics.
PhD Supervision Availability Yes