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Biography Ping Ma is a researcher in the fields of image processing, computer vision, AI, multimodal data fusion and machine learning. Her research focuses on using machine learning and AI to extract patterns from multimodal image and sensor data for smart decision-making in various applications, including geoscience and remote sensing, precision agriculture and smart cities, wetland mapping and offshore energy installation monitoring. Ping Ma is a vital part of the Transparent Ocean team and helps drive its growth through funding acquisition and the establishment of the Hyperspectral Imaging Lab. She is dedicated to achieving the goals of the NSC in the fields of digital and smart subsea and energy-efficient built environments. Ping Ma also boosts the NSC's reputation by regularly attending international events, publishing in international journals and conferences and making meaningful contributions. Outside of work, she has personal interests in reading, travelling and sports.
Research Interests geoscience and remote sensing
image and signal processing
computer vision
pattern recognition
artificial intelligence
hyperspectral imaging (HSI)
multimodal data fusion