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Post Nominals PhD, MIMMM
Biography Dr Shohel Siddique is expert in developing new materials. His hands-on experience in new materials development is aligned toward tailored applications. The applications of these new materials are promising in engineering, energy and pollution prevention applications. He is interested in value addition in low grade materials especially from waste sources to scale up to high end products. His research has a singular goal to develop multifunctional and environmentally friendly composite materials with superior properties.
Dr Shohel’s expertise is on two fronts:
• Resource recovery from waste source.
• Scale up of low-grade materials to turn into high grade environmentally benign materials.
Research Interests • Automotive and aerospace materials
• Thermoplastic composites reinforcement and nanomaterials
• Green flame retardant reinforced in polymer nanocomposites and evaluation of properties in application
• Novels functionalise membrane for water and wastewater treatment
• Lightweight materials and design
• Circular economy and recovery of raw materials
• Solid waste management
PhD Supervision Availability Yes