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Biography Ashish's research interests includes the use of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) and Deep Learning (DL) in NLP, especially finding ways to develop effective NLP systems for business processes with minimal labelled data.

He has a first class Bachelor's in Technology (BTech) degree majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from International Institute of Information Technology, Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR), India. Before starting the PhD, he also worked as an intern at RGU during his BTech final semester under the supervision of Dr. Stewart Massie. In that internship, he worked on a project of Information Extraction and Requirement Mapping from Regulatory Documents which was also his bachelor’s thesis.
Research Interests Ashish aims to develop hybrid techniques using CBR and DL for Natural Language Generation (NLG) with a focus on data-to-text generation tasks. He is also interested in the reverse engineering aspect of data-to-text generation task, where using different Information Extraction (IE) techniques we need to develop an initial knowledge base of a structured representation extracted from unlabelled texts/documents.

Natural Language Processing and Generation; Case-Based Reasoning; Deep Learning; and Evolutionary Computing.
Teaching and Learning Demonstration: Concurrent Programming (CM3113)