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Dr Naeimeh Jafarifar

Biography Naeimeh holds a PhD in Structural Engineering, an MSc in Hydraulic Structures, and BSc in Civil Engineering. Before joining academia in 2007 (as a Research Scholar, and then as a Lecturer), she has worked in industry for 8 years as a chartered structural consultant, responsible for designing, analysis, detailing and delivering design specifications for a variety of projects, including residential buildings, hydropower plants (substructure, superstructure), large concrete dams, power tunnel waterways, dam abutment stability analysis and mass concrete thermal analysis, in an interdisciplinary environment. Some of those major projects are:

- Structural detail design of SANGTUDA powerhouse in phase III stage, KARUN IV powerhouse in phase II & III stages, and SEYMAREH powerhouse in phase II stage.
- Basic design of ABOLABAS concrete arch dam, concept design of concrete alternatives for DALFARD dam, basic design of RCC alternative for AZADRUD dam.
- Design of concrete and steel lining for KARUN IV power tunnels.
- Abutment stability analysis of SEYMAREH arch dam in phase II & III stages, KOUHRANG arch dam in phase I stage, OSTOUR arch dam in phase III stage, KHERSAN II arch dam in phase I stage, RAEIS ALI DELVARI arch dam in phase II stage, SAZBON arch dam in phase I stage.
- Stability analysis of KARUN IV powerhouse in phase II stage, and KOURAN BOUZAN powerhouse in phase I stage.
- Thermal analysis of SALMAN FARSI & DELVARI arch dams and ARU-BARZAN gravity dam in the construction phase and design of cooling systems for DELVARI arch dam and SALMAN FARSI arch gravity dam projects.

In 2007, Naeimeh started working as a Research Scholar on EU FP6 Ecolanes project, at the University of Sheffield, and in 2015 she started a lecturer position at RGU. Her research outputs have been published in the world-leading journals.
Research Interests Low carbon construction
Reuse of recycled and waste materials in construction
Composite materials and their structural performance
Numerical and experimental modelling of structures for structural, thermal and shrinkage performance
Circular Economy for Construction
Teaching and Learning Teaching Structural Design for Architecture and Built Environment
Stage Manager for Built Environment Courses
School’s Inclusion Coordinator
Undergrad Module Coordinator
MSc Dissertation Module Coordinator
Research Methods Module Coordinator
Scopus Author ID 56392967700