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Augmented Reality Procedural System (Phase 2)

People Involved

Professor Eyad Elyan

Professor Eyad Elyan
Professor & Lead of the Interactive Machine Vision Research Group

Project Description

Operators, contractors and other service providers in the Oil and Gas industry rely heavily on paper-based guidelines to perform procedural tasks. This is also the case across other different industries. Such approach proved to be time consuming, ambiguous and error-prone. In the Oil and Gas industry in particular, inaccurate completion of a task may result have catastrophic consequence, therefore there is an urgent need to explore and evaluate alternatives.

The aim of this project is to propose an alternative approach based on Augmented Reality (AR) where visual information alongside text/guidelines would be overlaid on a live vide feed captured via tablet or mobile device. The assumptions are that with such approach, all the paper-based procedures limitations would be overcome, and also with such technology safer, faster and more accurate completions of the tasks would be achieved.

In this project we showed that AR-based solution provides an intuitive, inexpensive and easy-to use technology allowing safer and faster practices in completing procedural tasks. The final solution was evaluated using 60 undergraduate students, where half of them were asked to complete a simple task using paper-based user’s manuals, while the remaining half used our AR solution. Results showed that the students who used AR-based solution were able to complete the task more accurately and significantly faster

In partnership with Cadherent Ltd

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Oil & Gas Innovation Centre
The Data Lab
Value £140,000.00
Project Dates Nov 1, 2016 - Oct 31, 2017

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