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Autonomous deployment of underwater sensor networks for marine seismic imaging

People Involved

Wai Keung Fung

Project Description

To research and create a practical localisation system for the flying node system which will allow the flying nodes to operate in a swarm and move from their initial seabed position to a new seabed location. This Swarm Technology will be used to enhance the capability of the flying node system and provide even greater savings in cost and time for the offshore energy operators performing ocean bottom seismic surveys.

We will apply AI algorithms for large scale underwater swarm localisation, which is one of the core research problems in underwater robotics and sensor networks. Localisation accuracy can be greatly improved by fusing estimates from multiple localisation methods. This can enhance autonomous deployment and retrieval of underwater flying nodes for various subsea missions, including marine seismic surveys, can then be achieved.

In collaboration and partnership with Autonomous Robotics Lts

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Oil & Gas Innovation Centre
Value £27,300.00
Project Dates Jul 16, 2018 - Oct 31, 2019