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Facing 21st century challenges in social work

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Project Description

This funding is for two two-day workshops that will address how social work education can prepare future social workers to cope with 21st century challenges. One workshop is to be held in Scotland and the other is to be held in Japan. One Japanese academic and Japanese social work student will attend the UK workshop, and one UK academic and one UK social work student will attend the Japanese workshop. The workshops will allow social work academics and social work students to meet, and to find areas of common interest. These areas of common interest will lead to future collaboration between the academics and, it is hoped that students will benefit from learning about social work practice and challenges from a different cultural perspective in order to better help them understand the global reach and focus of social work in the 21st century.

Status Project Live
Funder(s) Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Value £3,199.00
Project Dates Feb 3, 2020 - Nov 30, 2021

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