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Versatile Islands cooperating for new Services and Innovation in Tourism

People Involved

Tiffany Young

Project Description

Develop existing and new innovative services with SMEs on European islands to boost local regions. Each HEI involved in the project brings one island and a set of students and teaching staff with an aim of forming a sustainable network with SMEs to develop services and encourage entrepreneurship.

In partnership with Fachhochschule Kiel (Germany), Veleuciliste Vern (Croatia), and Linnaeus University (Sweden))

Project lead by Laurea University of Applied Science, (Finland)

Project Acronym VISIT
Status Project Complete
Funder(s) ERASMUS + (includes Tempus projects)
Value £37,648.00
Project Dates Sep 1, 2019 - Aug 31, 2021
Partner Organisations Linnéuniversitetet (Linnaeus University)