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The School of Engineering has 4 Research Groups. Staff in these groups come from the School of Engineering, and the School of Pharmacy & Life Sciences.

Advanced Materials
This group’s research includes development of novel, new, functional materials and their applications in manufacturing, testing and condition monitoring. The group has established partnerships with industry and investigates nanomaterial safety in consumer products, coatings, improved understanding of damage, failure envelopes mitigation and fracture mechanics in commercial products, circular economy and waste management solutions. The group works across a number of sectors including oil and gas, energy, transport and chemical processing.

Environmental Engineering
Developing technologies and processes in the treatment of water, soil and waste oil using chemistry and electrochemistry. Research includes the development of biotechnologies for algae detection and generation of bioproducts and environmental sensors and tracers for the detection of a range of compounds in air, water and soil. The group have been involved in developing reference materials and monitoring regimes, including novel photocatalytic reactors and new methods of wastewater treatment

The group's work includes the development of tools and techniques for the wider energy sector including oil and gas, energy transition and the renewable energy sector, including flow modelling and membrane technology. The group has worked on multiphase flow induced vibration, hydro cyclone separation, multiphase flow assurance, integrated sand management, geo-mechanics, enhanced oil recovery, hydrogen production and purification, carbon capture and storage, wind, wave and solar energy and battery technologies

Instrumentation & Sensors
A new research group investigating modelling, analysis, design, control, simulation and development of instruments, systems and devices. Research in sensors covers a wide range of fields including photochemistry, environmental tracers and sensors, clean technology, photocatalysis, photonics, spectroscopy, biosensors, instrumentation, environmental sensing, and monitoring