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Strain monitoring.

Vanlanduit, Steve; Sorgente, Mario; Zadeh, Aydin R.; G�emes, Alfredo; Faisal, Nadimul


Steve Vanlanduit

Mario Sorgente

Aydin R. Zadeh

Alfredo G�emes


Markus G.R. Sause

Elena Jasi?nien?


This chapter provides an overview of the use of strain sensors for structural health monitoring. Compared to acceleration-based sensors, strain sensors can measure the deformation of a structure at very low frequencies (up to DC) and enable the measurement of ultrasonic responses. Many existing SHM methods make use of strain measurement data. Furthermore, strain sensors can be easily integrated in (aircraft) structures. This chapter discusses the working principle of traditional strain gauges (Sect. 8.1) and different types of optical fiber sensors (Sect. 8.2). The installation requirements of strain sensors and the required hardware for reading out sensors are provided. We will also give an overview of the advantages and the limitations of commonly used strain sensors. Finally, we will present an overview of the applications of strain sensors for structural health monitoring in the aeronautics field.


VANLANDUIT, S., SORGENTE, M., ZADEH, A.R., GÜEMES, A. and FAISAL, N. 2021. Strain monitoring. In Sause, M.G.R. and Jasiūnienė, E. (eds.) Structural health monitoring damage detection systems for aerospace. Springer aerospace technology. Cham: Springer [online], chapter 8, pages 219-241. Available from:

Acceptance Date Sep 23, 2021
Online Publication Date Sep 23, 2021
Publication Date Dec 31, 2021
Deposit Date Oct 1, 2021
Publicly Available Date Oct 1, 2021
Publisher Springer
Pages 219-241
Series Title Springer aeorospace technology (SAT)
Series ISSN 1869-1730
Book Title Structural health monitoring damage detection systems for aerospace
Chapter Number Chapter 8
ISBN 9783030721916; 9783030721947
Keywords Strain gauge; Optical fibre sensor; Fibre bragg grating; Monitoring; Interferometry; Interrogator
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