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Manganese catalysed synthesis of polyketones using hydrogen borrowing approach.

Kulyabin, Pavel; Magdysyuk, Oxana; Naden, Aaron B.; Dawson, Daniel M.; Pancholi, Ketan; Walker, Matthew; Vassalli, Massimo; Kumar, Amit


Pavel Kulyabin

Oxana Magdysyuk

Aaron B. Naden

Daniel M. Dawson

Matthew Walker

Massimo Vassalli

Amit Kumar


We report here a new method to make polyketones from the coupling of diketones and diols using a manganese pincer complex. The methodology allows us to access a new type of polyketone (polyarylalkylketone) containing aryl, alkyl, and ether functionalities bridging the gap between the two classes of commercially available polyketones – aliphatic polyketones and polyaryletherketones. Using this methodology, twelve new polyketones have been synthesized and characterised using various analytical techniques to understand their chemical, physical, morphological, and mechanical properties. Based on previous reports and our studies, we suggest that the polymerization occurs via a hydrogen-borrowing mechanism that involves the dehydrogenation of diols to dialdehyde followed by aldol condensation of dialdehyde with diketones to form chalcone derivatives and their subsequent hydrogenation to form polyarylalkylketones.


KULYABIN, P., MAGDYSYUK, O., NADEN, A.B., DAWSON, D.M., PANCHOLI, K., WALKER, M., VASSALLI, M. and KUMAR, A. 2024. Manganese catalysed synthesis of polyketones using hydrogen borrowing approach. ChemRxiv [online]. Available from:

Deposit Date Feb 3, 2024
Publicly Available Date Feb 3, 2024
Keywords Polyketones; Dehydrogenation; Hydrogenation; Manganese
Public URL
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Additional Information This record is for version 2 of this preprint, which was produced on 2024-01-04. The file accompanying this record also includes supplementary material that is posted separately from the main text on ChemRxiv.


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