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The citizenship information needs of the UK public: the quest for representativeness in methodological approach.

Marcella, Rita; Baxter, Graeme


Rita Marcella

Graeme Baxter


T.D. Wilson

D.K. Allen


The aims of the Citizenship Information project were to measure demand for citizenship information and establish the nature of information need exhibited by users. The objectives of the project were to: 1.define and describe citizenship information 2.investigate the nature and extent of problems or situations in which users may exhibit a need for information which would fall within the definition established above investigate the connections or relationship between information and citizenship or democracy from the users' perspective explore the impact of demographic factors (i.e. age, social grade, ethnicity, etc.) on need and patterns of use investigate users' preferred methods of accessing information and preferred methods of information delivery, including electronic methods of delivery explore the attitudes of users (both public library members and non-members) to the public library service and its role in disseminating citizenship information identify ways in which public libraries might extend membership by increasing awareness of their role in providing citizenship information explore the impact upon public libraries of the need for citizenship information, in the light of the data gathered above.

Start Date Aug 13, 1998
Publication Date Aug 13, 1998
Publisher New Publisher Required
Pages 304-320
ISBN 0947568751
Institution Citation MARCELLA, R. and BAXTER, G. 1998. The citizenship information needs of the UK public: the quest for representativeness in methodological approach. In Wilson, T.D. and Allen, D.K. (eds.) Exploring the contexts of information behaviour: proceedings of the 2nd International conference on research in information needs, seeking and use in different contexts (ISIC 1998), 13-15 August 1998, Sheffield, UK. London: Taylor Graham, pages 304-320. Available from: http://www.informationr...SIC1998/98_Marcella.pdf
Keywords Citizenship information project; Information service; Public libraries; Information delivery
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