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Verification of redesign models: a CSP approach.

Arana, Ines; Ahriz, Hatem


Ines Arana

Hatem Ahriz


Steve Culley


One of the initial stages in the manufacturing of an article is the production of a design which satisfies a set of user requirements. Much of the design work carried out in manufacturing companies can be classified as redesign, i.e. producing a new variant of a known product family which satisfies a slightly different specification. This type of redesign application is particularly well suited to computer support since: (i) the knowledge used is well-understood; (ii) solutions are highly reusable. Redesign support systems often involve the creation of a model, which is then used by the advisory system. These models rely on constraints to express a substantial amount of design knowledge, e.g. design laws, principles, company restrictions, international standards and customer requirements. Although a lot of effort has been devoted to the verification of rule-based knowledge [1], little effort appears to have been spent on constraint verification. This paper presents a methodology to verify constraints in a redesign model and argues that verification can be seen as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP).

Start Date Aug 21, 2001
Publication Date Aug 21, 2001
Publisher Professional Engineering Publishing
Pages 283-290
ISBN 1860583547
Institution Citation ARANA, I. and AHRIZ, H. 2001. Verification of redesign models: a CSP approach. In Culley, S. (ed.) Proceedings of the 13th International conference on engineering design (ICED'01), 21-23 August 2001, Glasgow, UK. Zurich: Professional Engineering Publishing, pages 283-290.
Keywords Design representations; Product modelling; Constraint based design; Knowledge representation


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