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Quality assurance using international curricula and employer feedback.

Lárusdóttir, Marta; Daniels, Mats; McDermott, Roger


Marta Lárusdóttir

Mats Daniels

Roger McDermott


Daryl D'Souza

Katrina Falkner


The focus of this paper is the quality assurance process for the bachelor program in the School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University, which is a combination of outcome- and process-oriented quality assurance. Faculty members and employers of graduates provided information for the quality assessment. The results provide both detailed quantitative data and more qualitative information that give all stakeholders a variety of ways to interpret the status of the quality of education. This type of assessment has raised the awareness of the faculty members on how abstract topics and learning outcomes from an international standard can be used when revising the curricula of a particular course. A notable feature of this type of analysis is its use of employer-generated data to examine graduate knowledge and skills. The contribution of the paper is to provide an example of how a quality assurance process can be made more valuable to both faculty and degree stakeholders by combining outcome- and process-oriented quality assurance strategies.

Start Date Jan 27, 2015
Publication Date Jan 30, 2015
Print ISSN 1445-1336
Publisher Australian Computer Society Inc
Volume 160
Pages 19-27
Series Title Conferences in research and practice in information technology
Series ISSN 1445-1336
ISBN 9781921770425
Institution Citation LARUSDOTTIR, M., DANIELS, M. and MCDERMOTT, R. 2015. Quality assurance using international curricula and employer feedback. In D'Souza, D. and Falkner, K. (eds.) Proceedings of the 17th Australian computing education conference (ACE 2015), 27-30 January 2015, Sydney, Australia. Sydney: Conferences in Reserach and Practice in Information Technology (CRIPT) [online], 160, pages 19-27. Available from:
Keywords Quality assurance; Evaluation; Degree programs
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