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Nano-selenium and its nanomedicine applications: a critical review.

Hosnedlova, Bozena; Kepinska, Marta; Skalickova, Sylvie; Fernandez, Carlos; Ruttkay-Nedecky, Branislav; Peng, Qiuming; Baron, Mojmir; Melcova, Magdalena; Opatrilova, Radka; Zidkova, Jarmila; Bjørklund, Geir; Sochor, Jiri; Kizek, Rene


Bozena Hosnedlova

Marta Kepinska

Sylvie Skalickova

Carlos Fernandez

Branislav Ruttkay-Nedecky

Qiuming Peng

Mojmir Baron

Magdalena Melcova

Radka Opatrilova

Jarmila Zidkova

Geir Bjørklund

Jiri Sochor

Rene Kizek


Traditional supplements of selenium generally have a low degree of absorption and increased toxicity. Therefore, it is imperative to develop innovative systems as transporters of selenium compounds, which would raise the bioavailability of this element and allow its controlled release in the organism. Nanoscale selenium has attracted a great interest as a food additive especially in individuals with selenium deficiency, but also as a therapeutic agent without significant side effects in medicine. This review is focused on the incorporation of nanotechnological applications, in particular exploring the possibilities of a more effective way of administration, especially in selenium-deficient organisms. In addition, this review summarizes the survey of knowledge on selenium nanoparticles, their biological effects in the organism, advantages, absorption mechanisms, and nanotechnological applications for peroral administration.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Dec 31, 2018
Journal International journal of nanomedicine
Print ISSN 1176-9114
Electronic ISSN 1178-2013
Publisher New Publisher Required
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 13
Pages 2107-2128
Institution Citation HOSNEDLOVA, B., KEPINSKA, M., SKALICKOVA, S., FERNANDEZ, C., RUTTKAY-NEDECKY, B., PENG, Q., BARON, M., MELCOVA, M., OPATRILOVA, R., ZIDKOVA, J., BJORKLUND, G., SOCHOR, J. and KIZEK, R. 2018. Nano-selenium and its nanomedicine applications: a critical review. International journal of nanomedicine [online], 13, pages 2107-2128. Available from:
Keywords Selenium nanoparticles; Nanodrugs; Nanomedicine; Oxidative stress; Mineral nutrition


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