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Monitoring health in smart homes using simple sensors.

Massie, Stewart; Forbes, Glenn; Craw, Susan; Fraser, Lucy; Hamilton, Graeme


Glenn Forbes

Lucy Fraser

Graeme Hamilton


Kerstin Bach

Razvan Bunescu

Oladimeji Farri

Aili Guo

Sadid Hasan

Zina M. Ibrahim

Cindy Marling

Jesse Raffa

Jonathan Rubin

Honghan Wu


We consider use of an ambient sensor network, installed in Smart Homes, to identify low level events taking place which can then be analysed to generate a resident's profile of activities of daily living (ADLs). These ADL profiles are compared to both the resident's typical profile and to known 'risky' profiles to support evidence-based interventions. Human activity recognition to identify ADLs from sensor data is a key challenge, a windowbased representation is compared on four existing datasets. We find that windowing works well, giving consistent performance. We also introduce FITsense, which is building a Smart Home environment to specifically identify increased risk of falls to allow interventions before falls occurs.

Start Date Jul 13, 2018
Publication Date Jul 25, 2018
Print ISSN 1613-0073
Publisher CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Pages 33-37
Series Title CEUR workshop proceedings
Series Number 2148
Series ISSN 1613-0073
Institution Citation MASSIE, S., FORBES, G., CRAW, S., FRASER, L. and HAMILTON, G. 2018. Monitoring health in smart homes using simple sensors. In Bach, K., Bunescu, R., Farri, O., Guo, A., Hasan, S., Ibrahim, Z.M., Marling, C., Raffa, J., Rubin, J. and Wu, H. (eds.) Proceedings of the 3rd International workshop on knowledge discovery in healthcare data (KDH), co-located with the 27th International joint conference on artificial intelligence and the 23rd European conference on artificial intelligence (IJCAI-ECAI 2018), 13 July 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. CEUR workshop proceedings, 2148. Aachen: CEUR-WS [online], pages 33-37. Available from:
Keywords Smart homes; ADL; FITsense; Smart home environment
Publisher URL


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