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Dynamic adsorption of residual hydrocarbon oil from treated produced water on chitosan.

Oluyemi, Gbenga Folorunso; Arab, Hussain


Gbenga Folorunso Oluyemi

Hussain Arab


In this work Chitosan was investigated as an adsorbent for residual oil using real produced water stream from Kuwait oilfields. A laboratory bench-top glass tube column integrated with a dynamic flow loop was used in this investigation. Chitosan grains was packed into the glass tube column and real oily produced water was flowed through the tube. Experiments were performed to analyse the effects of several factor, such as initial oil concentration in the produced water feed, adsorption tube/Chitosan bed height and hydraulic loading, on the overall adsorption of oil from the produced water feed. The experimental data was also modelled using Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms to obtain adsorption capacity and intensity respectively. Experimental adsorption results show that the feed oil concentration was reduced following oil adsorption by Chitosan from 126.40 mg/L to zero until oil breakthrough; concentration of oil in the effluent also increased until full oil loading in the Chitosan adsorption bed; the turbidity of the effluent was reduced from 70.3 NTU to 0.11 NTU which is less than the recommended turbidity level of 0.5 NTU in drinking water. The modelling results show that Chitosan adsorption capacity is significantly dependent on the initial oil concentration and that the intensity of adsorption was generally constant and above unity.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date Jun 5, 2018
Publication Date Jun 6, 2018
Institution Citation OLUYEMI, G.F. and ARAB, H. 2018. Dynamic adsorption of residual hydrocarbon oil from treated produced water on chitosan. Presented at the 16th TUV SUD NEL produced water workshop 2018, 5-6 June 2018, Aberdeen, UK.
Keywords Chitosan; Water treatment; Environmental regulations


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