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Technology-enabled pharmaceutical care in NHS Highland: equality of access to remote populations.

Morrison, Clare; Maclure, Katie; Gibson-Smith, Kathrine; Hannam, Patricia; Dixon, Lucy; MacRae, Yvonne; Cunningham, Scott; Stewart, Derek


Clare Morrison

Katie Maclure

Kathrine Gibson-Smith

Patricia Hannam

Lucy Dixon

Yvonne MacRae

Scott Cunningham

Derek Stewart


Background: Equity of access to healthcare is a strategic priority in Scotland. Purpose: To evaluate the NHS Highland technology-enabled delivery of pharmaceutical care. Methods: A mixed-methods evaluation followed 3 remotely-based pharmacists who delivered patient medication reviews to 3 GP practices (A,B,C). Patients chose between a telephone or video-link consultation using 'Attend Anywhere' software at the GP Practice or other location. Patient study packs were sent by GP Practice staff or pharmacist. The questionnaire collected data on participants' views and experiences of the pharmacist consultation using Likert scales, open questions and the CARE Measure. Participants were purposively sampled for telephone interview. Ethical approval was gained. Results: 33 took part from practice C (n=23,69.7%), A (n=5,15.2%), B (n=5,15.2%). All consultations were via telephone (n=33,100%). Median age of respondents was 66 years; most were female (n=19,57.6%); and, retired (n=23,69.7%). Respondents reported the pharmacist was 'very good' or 'excellent' at 'making them feel at ease' (n=30,90.9%), 'letting them tell their ''story''' (n=28,84.8). The majority agreed that they would 'recommend consulting a pharmacist to others' (n=20,60.6%), however, also agreed that they 'would prefer to consult a GP' (n=20,60.6%). Ten interviews (A, n=3,37.5%; B, n=7,70.0%) were conducted. Conclusion: These findings highlight the patient perceived value of providing medication reviews by remotely-based pharmacist which may address issues in accessing medicines-related care from remote areas. However, Scotland's internet infrastructure remains unreliable so the new 'Attend Anywhere' software was not tested.

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Start Date Sep 2, 2018
Publication Date Sep 6, 2018
Institution Citation MORRISON, C., MACLURE, K., GIBSON SMITH, K., HANNAM, P., DIXON, L., MACRAE, Y., CUNNINGHAM, S. and STEWART, D. 2018. Technology-enabled pharmaceutical care in NHS Highland: equality of access to remote populations. Presented at the 78th International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) world congress of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences (FIP 2018), 2-6 September 2018, Glasgow, UK.


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