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A hybrid approach to solving coarse-grained DisCSPs.

Lee, David; Arana, Inés; Ahriz, Hatem; Hui, Kit-Ying


David Lee

Inés Arana

Hatem Ahriz

Kit-Ying Hui


A coarse-grained Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem (DisCSP) consists of several loosely connected constraint satisfaction subproblems, each assigned to an individual agent. We present Multi-Hyb, a two-phase concurrent hybrid approach for solving DisCSPs. In the first phase, each agents subproblem is solved using systematic search which generates the key partial solutions to the global problem. Concurrently, a penalty-based local search algorithm attempts to find a global solution from these partial solutions. If phase 1 fails to find a solution, a phase 2 systematic search algorithm solves the problem using the knowledge gained from phase 1. We show that our approach is highly competitive in comparison with other coarse-grained DisCSP algorithms.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date May 10, 2009
Publication Date Dec 31, 2009
Pages 1235-1236
Institution Citation LEE, D., ARANA, I., AHRIZ, H. and HUI, K.-Y. 2009. A hybrid approach to solving coarse-grained DisCSPs. Presented at the 8th International conference on autonomous agents and multiagent systems (AAMAS 2009), 10-15 May 2009, Budapest, Hungary [online], pages 1235-1236. Available from: http://www.aamas-confer..._Abstract/C_SP_0555.pdf
Keywords Artificial intelligence; Constraint satisfaction; Agent cooperation; Distributed problem solving
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