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WEC: weighted ensemble of text classifiers.

Upadhyay, Ashish; Nguyen, Tien Thanh; Massie, Stewart; McCall, John


John McCall


Text classification is one of the most important tasks in the field of Natural Language Processing. There are many approaches that focus on two main aspects: generating an effective representation; and selecting and refining algorithms to build the classification model. Traditional machine learning methods represent documents in vector space using features such as term frequencies, which have limitations in handling the order and semantics of words. Meanwhile, although achieving many successes, deep learning classifiers require substantial resources in terms of labelled data and computational complexity. In this work, a weighted ensemble of classifiers (WEC) is introduced to address the text classification problem. Instead of using majority vote as the combining method, we propose to associate each classifier’s prediction with a different weight when combining classifiers. The optimal weights are obtained by minimising a loss function on the training data with the Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm. We conducted experiments on 5 popular datasets and report classification performance of algorithms with classification accuracy and macro F1 score. WEC was run with several different combinations of traditional machine learning and deep learning classifiers to show its flexibility and robustness. Experimental results confirm the advantage of WEC, especially on smaller datasets.

Start Date Jul 19, 2020
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Institution Citation UPADHYAY, A., NGUYEN, T.T., MASSIE, S. and MCCALL, J. 2020. WEC: weighted ensemble of text classifiers. To be presented at the 2020 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) congress on evolutionary computation (IEEE CEC 2020), part of the 2020 (IEEE) World congress on computational intelligence (IEEE WCCI 2020) and co-located with the 2020 International joint conference on neural networks (IJCNN 2020) and the 2020 IEEE International fuzzy systems conference (FUZZ-IEEE 2020), 18-24 July 2020, Glasgow, UK.
Keywords Text classification; Ensemble method; Ensemble of classifiers; Multiple classifiers; Particle swarm optimisation


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