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Research Interests Broad areas of Computing and Engineering Education:
• The use of Generative AI tools in Education and their pedagogical implications.
• The Philosophy of Computing Education.
• How students approach open-ended or ill-structured/defined problems.
• Scenario-based activities to enhance Academic Integrity
• Competency models of Computing and Engineering education
• The development of the concepts of phronesis and authenticity in Computing and Engineering education.
• The epistemological and ontological commitments of computing and engineering students.

My research interests all focus on how we teach computing ; what things should concern us in the computing curriculum, what competencies (knowledge, skills and dispositions) students need to be a computing professional, what values should they espouse, and how these differ from those taught in other disciplines, such as mathematics or engineering.
Another way of saying this is that I am interested in the philosophy of computing education, its ontology, its epistemology and methodology, and its axiology (i.e. its ethics and aesthetics). A current research field is the impact that generative AI will have on the theory and practice of (computing) education.
Teaching and Learning Main Teaching areas are:
Programming (Java, Javascript, Python)
Cryptography and Computer Security

For Teaching and Learning interests, see Research Interests. It really is research, you know!