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Qualifications (3)

Environmental Engineering
Bachelor's Degree (BA, BSc, BA Hons, BN Hons, BSc Hons)

Status Complete
Part Time No
Years 2014 - 2018
Project Title Impacts of rapid and slow mixing used in water treatment plants on filamentous cyanobacteria

Civil Engineering - Environmental Sanitation
Master of Science [MSc]

Status Complete
Part Time No
Years 2019 - 2020
Project Title Controlling the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7813 and the cyanotoxin microcystin by (advanced) oxidation processes

Environmental Chemistry
Doctor of Philosophy [PhD]

Status Current
Part Time No
Years 2020 - 2024
Project Title Elimination at source of biocidal agents from fresh water environments by TiO2 photocatalysis
Project Description The aim of this project is to develop a photocatalytic treatment unit using different types of catalysts (titanium dioxide, graphic carbon nitride and a mixture of the two chemicals) coated in porous glass beads that can be applied at source for pesticide removal from wastewater in farms across Scotland. Potential deployment locations are wastewater storage tanks, rural SuDS (ponds), drainage systems and farmer’s yards.
Awarding Institution Robert Gordon University
Director of Studies Carlos Pestana
Second Supervisor Linda Lawton
Additional Supervisor Bruce Petrie