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Smart ROV Design

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Project Description

The objectives of the project are to numerical assess and analyse the design of an Efficient ROV (EROV), along with the associated complex flow field, for the Offshore Renewables and Decommissioning sector. The innovative approach to designing the EROV with detailed fluid dynamic analysis, being used to inform the decisions on the vehicle size, shape and configuration, will bring significant benefits to the sector. The offshore renewables sector needs ROVs which are more efficient in tidal current. In this project, the tidal effects are numerically simulated, at different angles of attack, with a view to ascertain the effectiveness of EROV design, and the vehicle’s operational stability, under varying sea conditions. The envisaged vehicle design will demonstrate enhanced hydrodynamic characteristics, lower maintenance, easier operation and lower carbon footprint, compared to conventional one-size-fits-all ROVs, and thus, contributing towards Net Zero economy

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Energy Technology Partnership
Value £9,943.00
Project Dates Jun 9, 2021 - Dec 8, 2021
Partner Organisations Oceana Subsea Engineering Ltd.

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