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From Tales to Trails: Developing digital application based tourism trails on Orkney

People Involved

Project Description

In partnership with Orkneyology and a number of creative stakeholders, this project developed a mobile-based digital folklore trail in Orkney. Funded as part of an internal, competitive process the project was awarded £10k to undertake research into user requirements for a digital trail, assess feasibility and digital requirements, and develop, deliver and evaluate a self-guided digital trail application in Orkney. The outcome of this project delivered a fully operational Android mobile application, the Orkney Folklore Trail, which was launched in July 2019. The app delivers audio stories of Orkney folklore at 10 different locations in Orkney. These stories are unlocked via GPS as visitors arrive at these locations. Gamification features, illustrations and local music were also included. This project led to a larger grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Workshop Grant to further explore the potential of a wider digital storytelling platform in Orkney.

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) RGU Internal Funding
Value £10,000.00
Project Dates Dec 1, 2018 - Jul 31, 2019
Partner Organisations

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