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Primary care research priorities in Scotland after the coronavirus pandemic

People Involved

Project Description

The aim of this project is to reach a consensus for primary care research priorities in Scotland where uncertainties remain and set a research direction that will be relevant for patients, carers and generalist healthcare professionals in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first comprehensive, patient-centred and generalist health professional project of research priorities in primary care since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It is designed to strengthen future
evidence for primary care to improve health outcomes.
The objectives are to:

• work with patients, carers and clinicians to identify research priorities for primary care after
the coronavirus pandemic era where uncertainties remain,
• to agree by consensus a prioritised list of those uncertainties for research,
• to publicise the results and the process,
• to take the results to research commissioning bodies to be considered for funding.

This is a National collaborative project being carried out under auspices of the Scottish School of Primary Care ( ). It is currently being carried out through collaborative means with shared workload and is funded through a grant supporting SSPC from Scottish Government. It should offer significant information on research priorities that will enable further research efforts targeted in primary care

Collaborators include:

The project is led by Prof Gill Hubbard on behalf of the Scottish School of Primary Care Executive.
The director and co-deputy directors of SSPC will lead the project on behalf of the SSPC Executive:
• Prof Stewart Mercer, University of Edinburgh and director of SSPC
• Prof Gill Hubbard, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and a co-deputy director of SSPC
• Prof Lindsey Pope, University of Glasgow and co-deputy director of SSPC
• Hon Prof John Gillies OBE, University of Edinburgh, SSPC
• Prof Sir Lewis Ritchie, University of Aberdeen, SSPC
• Prof Frank Sullivan, University of St Andrews, SSPC
• Prof Scott Cunningham, Robert Gordon University, SSPC
• Prof John Gillies, University of Edinburgh

Status Project Live
Funder(s) Scottish Government
Value £0.00
Project Dates Jul 1, 2020 - Jun 30, 2021

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