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Artist as leader. (2008)
Digital Artefact
DAVIE, E. 2008. Artist as leader. [Video recording]. Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art.

Artist as Leader posed the questions: "what does leadership mean to artists," and "can artists be leaders?" The research formed a partnership between Performing Arts Labs, London, Cultural Enterprise Office, Glasgow and the Cultural Leadership Founda... Read More about Artist as leader..

Breaking through the aesthetics of public art. (2008)
Presentation / Conference
DOUGLAS, A. and FREMANTLE, C. 2008. Breaking through the aesthetics of public art. Presented at Sensuous knowledge 5 (SK5): questioning qualities, 2008, Bergen, Norway.

Our research is concerned with the changing nature of public art. We work with the experience of making art, drawing on articulations of process developed by artists themselves as well as theorists and historians. We also create interventions with ot... Read More about Breaking through the aesthetics of public art..