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Abdominal cancer symptoms: evaluation of the impact of a regional public awareness campaign. [Dataset]


Nicola Torrance
Data Collector

Chloe J. Bright
Data Collector

Helen L. Hill
Data Collector

Jennie Fergusson
Data Collector

Vivian Mak
Data Collector

Carolynn Gildea
Data Collector

Andy Nordin
Data Collector

Lucy Elliss-Brookes
Data Collector


Objective: A regional ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ (BCoC) campaign developed by Public Health England aimed to promote public awareness of key abdominal cancer symptoms in people aged 50 years and over. Methods: Data were analysed for metrics at different stages in the patient care pathway including public awareness, GP attendance and referrals, to cancer diagnosis. Results: There was significantly higher recognition of the BCoC abdominal campaign in the campaign region compared to the control area (Post Campaign/Control, n = 401/406; 35% vs. 24%, p [less than] 0.05). The campaign significantly improved knowledge of ‘bloating’ as a symptom (p = 0.03) compared to pre-campaign levels. GP attendances for abdominal symptoms increased significantly by 5.8% (p = 0. 03), although the actual increase per practice was small (average 16.8 visits per week in 2016 to 17.7 in 2017). Urgent GP referrals for suspected abdominal cancer increased by 7.6%, compared to a non-significant change (0.05%) in the control area. For specific abdominal cancers, the number diagnosed were similar to or higher than the median in the campaign area but not in the control area in people aged 50 and over: colorectal (additional n = 61 cancers), pancreatic (additional n = 102) and stomach cancers (additional n = 17). Conclusions: This campaign had a modest impact on public awareness of abdominal cancer symptoms, GP attendances and cancers diagnosed. The file accompanying this output contains supplementary tables, figures and evaluation results of Abdominal symptoms regional campaigns.


TORRANCE, N., BRIGHT, C.J., HILL, H.L., FERGUSSON, J., KENNEDY, C., MAK, V., GILDEA, C., NORDIN, A. and ELLISS-BROOKES, L. 2021. Abdominal cancer symptoms: evaluation of the impact of a regional public awareness campaign. [Dataset]. European journal of cancer care [online], 30(6), e13500. Available from:

Acceptance Date Jul 8, 2021
Online Publication Date Aug 11, 2021
Publication Date Nov 30, 2021
Deposit Date Aug 20, 2021
Publicly Available Date Aug 20, 2021
Publisher Wiley-VCH Verlag
Keywords Abdominal symptoms; Cancer awareness; Health promotion; Public health
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Type of Data 8 PDF, 1 DOCX and accompanying TXT file.
Collection Date Apr 4, 2021
Collection Method The full description of methods used can be found in Section 2 of the published article (
Additional Information Supplementary files 1-8 are hosted at