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Facilitating DL-based hybrid reasoning with inference fusion.

Hu, Bo; Arana, Inés; Compatangelo, Ernesto


Bo Hu

Inés Arana

Ernesto Compatangelo


Max Bramer

Alun Preece

Frans Coenen


We present an extension to DL-based taxonomic reasoning by means of the proposed inference fusion, i.e. the dynamic combination of inferences from distributed heterogeneous reasoners. Our approach integrates results from a DL-based system with results from a constraint solver under the direction of a global reasoning coordinator. Inference fusion is performed by (i) processing heterogeneous input knowledge, producing suitable homogeneous input knowledge for each specialised reasoner; (ii) activating each reasoner when necessary, collecting its results and passing them to the other reasoner if appropriate; (iii) combining the results of the two reasoners. We discuss the benefits of our approach and demonstrate our ideas by proposing a language (DL(D)=S) and a reasoning system (Concor) which uses knowledge bases written in DL(D)=S and supports hybrid reasoning. We illustrate our ideas with an example.

Start Date Dec 10, 2002
Publication Date Dec 31, 2002
Publisher Springer (part of Springer Nature)
Pages 91-104
ISBN 9781852336745
Institution Citation HU, B., ARANA, I. and COMPATANGELO, E. 2003. Facilitating DL-based hybrid reasoning with inference fusion. In Bramer, M., Preece, A. and Coenen, F. (eds.) Research and development in intelligent systems XIX: proceedings of the 22nd British Computer Society's Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) international conference on knowledge based systems and applied artificial intelligence (ES2002), 10-12 December 2002, Cambridge, UK. London: Springer [online], pages 91-104. Available from:
Keywords Inference fusion; DL based taxonomic reasoning


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