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Inverse design of functional surfaces through low fidelity modelling.

Sahare, S.; Asim, Taimoor; Kubiak, K.; Mishra, Rakesh; Nsom, B.


S. Sahare

Taimoor Asim

K. Kubiak

Rakesh Mishra

B. Nsom


Functional surfaces are extensively being designed for specific purposes within various industries. The inspiration for many of such surfaces has been derived from biological entities such as shark skin etc. In industry, various surfaces are created by physio-chemical properties of materials with appropriately aligned micro and nanostructures, and sophisticated solutions are found for range of problems. Many drag reducing organisms employ functional surfaces that control near-wall flow characteristics thus affecting their global flow performance. This study focuses on the inverse design of functional surfaces for targeted global flow related effects. At its core, the discussed methodology embeds low fidelity model for surface and corresponding flow events. Desired geometrical parameters are iteratively solved to achieve target flow characteristics.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Start Date Aug 26, 2019
Institution Citation SAHARE, S., ASIM, T., KUBIAK, K., MISHRA, R. and NSOM, B. 2019. Inverse design of functional surfaces through low fidelity modelling. Presented at the 24th Congrès Français de Mécanique (CFM 2019), 26-30 August 2019, Brest, France.
Keywords Mots clefs; Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD); Gappy POD; Inverse design; Functional surfaces; Drag; Flow field
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