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Advanced particle damping (APD) solutions for small bore pipework

People Involved

Project Description

Flow induced main line vibrations cause high cycle fatigue in small bore pipe connections and cantilever valves. Ageing assets can exacerbate these issues due to changing flow rates and previous fatigue exposure. This vibration has the potential to result in fatigue failure and containment loss of hydrocarbons.

RGU developed an experimental set up of a pipe rig and undertook testing of Xi Engineering's damping devices. This analysis quantified the damping effect and correlating maximum stress values for each frequency, thus identifying the operating frequency range of the APD.

Xi Engineering engaged with OGIC to prove the concept with RGU as academic partner

Type of Project Project
Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Oil & Gas Innovation Centre
Value £10,330.00
Project Dates Jun 1, 2016 - Sep 1, 2017

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